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Our Product And Services

Waterproofing Services
Who does not like to sit by the window of the home and enjoy the rain with a cup of hot coffee? But this enjoyment can be changed into an ordeal if the ceiling starts dripping. Provide complete protection to the walls and ceiling of the spaces with our reliable Waterproof Services!
Coating Services
The prime goal of the company is to provide more protection, safety and customization to the floors and walls of the building. We provide trusted Coating Services by working with the clients to make them select the best option for them based on the operating environment and production needs. 
Painting Services
Painting homes and roofs is a tedious task that needs patience, hard work and prescient! We render value-added Painting Services to renovate the home easily and quickly. We have a team of the experienced painters to create a stunning look to the spaces for offering hassle-free painting experience to the clients.
Guniting Services
Professional and affordable Guniting Services are provided in construction, slope stabilization and other rehabilitation applications. We provide hassle-free services for retaining walls, concrete repair as well as water retaining structures. 
Epoxy Injection Grouting Services
Our company offers trusted Epoxy Injection Grouting Services to add a waterproof layer to the spaces for creating stain-resistant walls. We also fill and bond cracked concrete to provide a structural support to the surfaces. 

Bituminous Membrane
Bituminous Membrane is a black, sticky and viscous liquid form of petroleum. With high tensile strength, matchless pliability and outstanding durability, it protects residential and commercial buildings against seepage and leaking. 
Injection Nozzle
These durable Injection Nozzles are ideal to be used building and construction sector for stopping crack and water leaking stoppage. They are long sized injection packers designed on a lose and compact structure. 
Heavy Duty Iron Mesh

This range of Iron Mesh is available in heavy duty iron to be used in different architectural applications from balustrade infills to cladding. They are provided in unmatched finishing to provide 100% UV sun light and rain protection to ensure long-lasting life.

Cementitious Injection Grouting Services
We render value-added Cementitious Injection Grouting Services for effective and non-shrinkable sealing of the cracks. We use high-quality grouting material that creates excellent bonding with every construction product to provide a resisting layer against ultraviolet exposure and high temperatures.
P.U Injection Grouting
PU Injection Grouting Services are provided for making the foundation of buildings strong enough to bear heavy weight. We provide professional services using high-end machines and quality raw material to enhance the resistance feature of the buildings against any natural hazards.
Brick Bat Coba Services
Brick Bat Coba Services are one of the effective ways of adding thermal Insulation in the buildings. These services are professionally using modern techniques and high-quality material to add insulation for thermal comfort and waterproofing for preventing leakage of water. 
Roof Heating Insulation Materials
Roof Heating Insulation Materials are ideal way for insulating the spaces for ensuring higher thermal resistant features. They are used for enhancing the temperature or thermal insulation of the roofs to provide better climatic condition to the buildings in high temperature.
XPS Thermal Insulation Board
XPS Thermal Insulation Boards are rigid boards designed using general purpose polystyrene in a closed-cell structure with no air gaps. They are widely used for adding thermal insulation and moisture-resistant features in a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings. 

We are offering products and services mainly in Delhi NCR, Goa, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Punjab.

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